Monday, March 8, 2010

Tonight & Tomorrow!

Hey everybody! Still finishing up my deadlines and whatnot.... But! Tomorrow is the interview with Trevor Claxton. Just called him a minute ago and everything is runnin smoothly. Should be good.

Please spread the word about it if you can!

Interview! Trevor Claxton - Senior Concept Artist @CCP Games -Tomorrow, Tuesday(3/9) @9am EST on Crimson Daggers! Click for more info!

Also, Daarken is comin up next week!

Anyways, aside from those things I'm still fighting with some work! Trying to get things right and collecting inspiration for the times I'm not totally feeling it. Sort of going through a weird time in my work. Trying to bring everything to a level of finish that I'm having a hard time attaining. I just know if I stick with it I'll pull through... But this seems to happen from time to time, trying to find the very basic problems I'm having with certain images. Hopefully it'll all work out!

Tonight I'll be doing my 6pm EST Character Stream!

If any of you have suggestions for video tutorials/guests for the Crimson Daggers/or general questions... Feel free to drop a comment below and I'll do my best to answer and accommodate :O. 


Metal! Grim Reaper - "Night of the Vampire"

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Daarken said...

Nooooo, I'm going to miss the interview with Trevor :( Tell him I said howdy!