Sunday, August 9, 2009

All Caught up!

Lately I've been really focused on my art and how I spend my time. Also on whats important and what gives me more energy. I find that if I do the studies in the morning, work til around lunch then go out and do whatever for a little bit I can come back to my art with a much better mindset(and a more confident mindset). I know thats kinda common sense but sometimes its really hard to wrap your mind around it when you feel like  your schedule wont allow time off... Not that I'm going out for hours, but just down the road for a hike or a swim. I used to just go all in totally focused on my goal and would do nothing but. Now that I'm really paying attention to the results I can see how my mind really approaches art and how a healthy mind creates.

Also as I do this I can see how much more I get done with a fresh energized mind as opposed to sitting all day staring at a piece. But its hard to force yourself to know when its time to quit hanging out and go all into work. Going out always puts my mind into active mode haha, constantly thinking about how I should skateboard more and all this. I'm really trying to just switch that part of myself off as soon as I sit down to avoid distraction. Mainly though my focus has been on keeping my inspiration and really trying to find out how to recreate that feeling all the time. So this routine works for creating that inspiration for now... Hopefully it'll continue on!

So heres some quick concepts I've been doing for the team CHOW over on

(click to enlarge)

Some Thrash classic !

Heavy metal maniac!


Andrew Domo said...

Sounds like you're doing great, dude. Keep kicking some ass!

preita said...

I absolutely love the very first one. The way you rendered the 'beak' is quite fab ;)

rapozaart said...

Yea things are lookin up! I'm excited :D. Have you been studyin???? You should!

and here

Andrew Domo said...

holy crap. that is one cute dog lol. Yeah I've actually been trying to do studies every morning starting with some loomis and a naked girl or two. I've really gotta work on my anatomy.