Thursday, October 29, 2009

Best LiveSteam Monday Time?

Hey everybody! Quick question for you dudes! I know a lot of you are European and whatnot so when I start my streams I'd rather not exclude you... So I was hoping I could get the best general time outta this poll. Please vote and let me know which time suits you best(you're gonna have to figure the time difference though :)).

(Click here to Figure the time Difference... I'm in Boston's time zone)

[polldaddy poll=2182963]

Also, big plug for my girlfriend Chelsea Bloxsom's awesome toys! Shes a great designer and hopefully I can help her reach new people :D! So if you haven't checked it out click the image below!

You can also check out her full gallery of designs on her Deviant Art.

and as always, some metal.

Scorpions - Dynamite


Chrysshart said...

well, none of the above for me, but I highly doubt you want to wait til between 2300 and 0400 PDT :P that would just be absurd :D Is there any way for you to record it and post it in segments or something? I'd happily watch the whole thing.

rapozaart said...

Ah ok, sorry D:. You can go to the link in my previous posts and click "On-Demand" in the little window to watch all my previous LiveStreams. Theres 3 main ones up right now ranging from 1-4 hours.

Chrysshart said...

:dances a happy gleeful dance: (no seriously i got out of my chair and danced :P ) thanks so much! i would never have known that! :dances figuratively across the interwebs to watch livestreams:

Dave the Slave said...

LOL 5, 6, 7, or ...9.

8'oclock is for PUSSIES!!

Can't wait for the next one! :-)

rapozaart said...

Thanks man! yea... 8 is a weird time for me D:

Dark Deity said...

Have you chosen a time yet? I'm eagerly awaiting this one since I'll be able to catch it live :D