Tuesday, November 3, 2009

LiveStream tonight @ 9pm EDT!

Hello everyone! I'll be doing my LiveStream tonight at 9pm EDT! I know that 5pm EDT won the vote, but I had a lot of work today so had to make do with what time I had left... Anyways, I'll be doing a 5 pm EDT show next monday and will rotate every other monday like this. Hopefully later on I'll have a lot more free time and will be able to fit 2 Streams every week... But until then I'll try and find a good balance. I'll keep you posted for sure if things change!


Look forward to seeing you all on there! Or most of you... until they deem my stream worthy enough to not have a stupid size limit. Just write them an angry email or refresh if you can't get in D:. You can always watch all the previous streams On-Demand as well from the link above.

Metal . Wolf - 'I Will Kill Again'


classy said...

dam it i think i missed it... ill catch the next episode

mr. rapoza i had a quick question so i know im not wasting my time,

when you do studies and copying a photo, during the value phase do u also turn the photo into greyscale or do u leave the photo with color and guess the values..

thanks a bunch!

Reid Carlisle said...

Man I just missed it too! That's two now that I missed. When is your next livestream? anyways its totally awesome that you do these things I've learned a lot from watching your videos. Thanks man!