Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Old School Fitness!

Hey dudes! Gotta bump this for my brother! Hes doing some really awesome outdoor training program in New York City and is training people for free!

You can check out his blog for more information - http://oldschoolfitness.wordpress.com/about/

If you're in the area and don't want to pay for a personal trainer then check it out! My brother is a really nice guy and is always willing to help out and help motivate. He's trained a ton of dudes and has been working as a personal trainer for years doing work with Crossfit and other gyms. Hopefully you'll check it out, gotta keep your mind and body healthy as well as keeping your art runnin at a good level with studies!

He holds the classes every Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:30am and on Saturday's @ 11 am. Check it out if you're looking to get healthy :D. Just click here to get his contact info.

Or just email him here for more info - mrapoza@gmail.com

Anyways, looking forward to seeing where my brother takes this :).



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Miksey said...

Sooo awesome bro (the video)! Thanks for bumpin' the Old School Fitness for the new school artists! We get creative in the realm of the physical and you artists get it in the realm of the psyche. Put it together and your in the realm of the spirit, chillin with the universe. :)

Keep making it happen bro. Tuned into the Dagger's this morning but I don't know where to start with the art.


rapozaart said...

Yea maaan its gonna be totally awesome. Gettin in good art/physical shape.

Just start drawin :O

geo said...

i used to be into weight training and karate up till i was about 20, then i started mountain biking,then i broke my back. i still try to work out but fall off the wagon....

havent been on a daggers stream in awhile but do not fret, ive been studying and working harder then ever.

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