Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Concept art is fighting with itself D:. I've been saddened by that place since Manley started asking for money... Don't know what to do... but!

I'm getting an awesome new mic in the mail and I'm gonna start pushing the Crimson Daggers stream around to hopefully help bring some hope back! Free learning experience and we're all gonna move forward and achieve our goals. Its really been amazing to see the turnout and I know everybody is gonna do great. Cannot wait to get this running full steam ahead!

In honor of the total crap storm

Metal! - Scorpions - 'Blackout'


Geos said...

So many true words.... the main thing which is problematic regarding art education, and any education in general, that those who need it the most can't afford it, and those who can afford it no longer need it since they already do it.

Love The Scorpions- one of my favorite bands, you should try some of their former guitarist Michael Schenker's albums -he has some really cool instrumental records, just like what he played with early Scorpions-- here's a wiki link about him-


Jordan said...

Really appreciate you offering your services for free. Don't think it is going unappreciated.

Consequently, I would love to break into this crimson daggers business. I am a little unsure of how to get into it though and what exactly it is. Would you mind posting a little about how to take part in your live classes (that's what they are right?). If you already have this written somewhere I apologize for asking - but I just can't seem to find it.

Thanks for everything Dave!

Kelly Dawson said...

I agree, CA has gone crazy in the past few days... and they are deleting threads that were polite and well-intentioned, which I didn't notice before (I couldn't catch up to the drama when I was at work).

I'll be sure to follow your blog for Crimson Dagger updates - I already follow you on Twitter. The Crimson Daggers are a huge inspiration for me, even though I don't participate.

orbnauticus said...

Agreed, it's not like there's some secret to success out there hidden away and throwing money at it is going to unlock it. It's all there for free in copious amounts already. People want that instant level up but don't want to do the boring time consuming work, and Manley knows. Bah whatever, if ca does blow up due to money grabbing bs someone else will just make a new one without any of the silly bells and whistles. ca has and always will be just a place, it's the users that make it awesome... to me anyway.
Loving the live stream and crimson daggers, got me into finally pulling my head out of my ass and learning the foundations. so cheers! *buggers off to paint more*

BenGay said...

Every time someone torrents MB videos or Jason Manley doesn't get enough money...he cries himself to sleep. So think of Jason...think of Jason.