Sunday, January 10, 2010

Been a bit, busy again :O

Hey everybody! Trying to keep up with everything I got going on and am failing... Sometimes its best not to juggle everything at once so you don't drop all the balls :(. Best to keep a strong focus. So yea, I've been doing the Crimson Daggers now for a good 3 months or so and have seen loads of improvement in the participants. The studies have totally helped my work along in so many ways and I find that finishing art is a hell of a lot easier than it used to be. Hopefully as time goes on this will grow and grow til we get a good couple hundred regulars on there posting work daily :D. Thats what I'd like to see anyways... People just getting waaay better every day and showing everybody else how its done. In the meantime though... I can wait, too much to finish all the time!

Currently I'm working on a few magazine pieces, an album cover and some personal works for an application I got going w/Bobby Chiu. Been having fun though and trying to make time to get away from art. Trying to get some time in on Mass Effect so I can unplug from my constant work and just sorta zone out. Don't usually play games ever, in fact this is the first in a couple years, but its relaxing and I think I've needed that. Just have to watch out that I don't get totally sucked in D:. Mass Effect is awesome :O!

Well, heres some art I've been doin :O. Just messin around for now so these are all works in progress :). Then some studies.

Commission i did -


Metal! Cannon - 'Fireblade'

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Mike Rapoza said...

What's up Bad Dude! Good to see you're still alive Homey. Thought someone may have stole your email address and killed you and then started sending emails to me from it.

Good to see you've been getting some relax time and can now focus on doing cool stuff.

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