Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today's LiveStream with Jana and Hannes!

Hey everybody! Gonna do a post a little later on about monitor calibration. But in the meantime I thought I'd let everyone know that the interview/general discussion I did with Jana and Hannes(algenpfleger) is up for watching on demand!

Click here to Watch!

Was a lot of fun! I'm hoping to get more people on in the mornings!

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Alexander Nanitchkov said...

Greetings Dave Battleaxe Rapoza

First to say i am Crimson Dagger from some time.
You are doing great job with these broadcasts.
Todays livestream with Jana and Aple was great!

You said few times that you accept ideas for CD webpage

So it will be great to have something like "list" with the current Crimson Daggers members and their websites
so can people connect and support each other.

i did a feature on several CD members - check it out if you want