Monday, March 1, 2010

Tomorrow and Good Tips from an AD!

Hey everybody! Just a reminder that tomorrow I'll have Janaschi and Hannes(algenpfleger) on Crimson Daggers! Should be a lot of fun! Bring your questions and we'll try to get to as many as possible.

Click here for more Info (or just scroll down to pervious post haha)

Heres some stuff I thought would be useful. Couldn't have said this stuff better myself! If you don't already follow Jon's blog I'd highly reccomend it as he always updates on the weekdays with content. Not to mention all the great challenges!

Check out ArtOrder's Tips on Dealing with Clients and specifically Art Directors!

How to Lose a Client

How to Build a Great Art Director

I love reading all Jon's entries! So much awesome information. These really stood out to me but you can always look back into the archives for more awesomeness.

Also tonight @6pm EST I'll be live working on a character illustration!

Just follow the link from the Banner above(Monday night stream)!

I'll be taking input from the Chat and creating a character from all the suggestions!

Study from today!

Metal! - Ozzy - "Breaking all the Rules"

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Tuca said...

Yo, Dave, Peridian here. Just wanted to talk about an idea I had that might be interesting for a possibly not too far off future: "The Cimson Couches", hahahaha!

The Crinsom Daggers are a world-wide community, so I thought it would be interesting to see if the Daggers were willing to offer their couches to another fellow travelling Dagger that was passing by their country, easing some of the travelling difficulties people pass by whenever they're travelling somewhere.

What do you think?