Sunday, April 11, 2010

Whoa, been gone for a long while D:

Hey everybody! Sorry for my looong absence.  What a crazy month, took on way too much work and somehow managed to get it all done... But doing the Crimson Daggers was good with the tough stuff, everytime I ran into an issue I'd just address it in the next day's study. So at least that worked out well along side my deadlines. I've got a ton of stuff going on now which is great and am hoping to get my store up soon.  Want to start producing content.

Got a couple things to post up for now... Will have a lot more soon with the time I have freed up! Really glad to have all that stress lifted off my shoulders. Only have a couple more things to send out!

Heres some work I've been doin lately! Also a step by step of my Red Panda

(Click to Enlarge)


Random Portrait... Playing with texture brushes!

and some studies

I'll be back soooooooooon


Unknown said...

Cool update man, but I have to say I much prefer looking at process pics individually instead of as a .GIF. That way I think it's easier to see really what is going on :)

peskyarm said...

Red Panda is F#%k'n great!