Thursday, November 4, 2010

Perfect Timing

Hey Everybody! This past month has been rough. I went through one of those dry patches without work that you think will last forever... But then everything comes at you all at once! So I got all kinds of work but just as I got the jobs I've gotten the sickest I've been in like 3 years. Not that I'm dying or anything but man is that the worst. I'm still excited though, hopefully this goes away in the next few days! Heard too many stories of overworking yourself and making colds become devastating monsters. Getting rest and nailing deadlines is challenging!

I'm still not doing the Crimson Daggers as well, I meant to jump right back in and did one but immediately got sick. So, hope you guys are goin on with the studies regardless. I'll let everyone know when its back on soon I hope.

Now I'm off to get some Dungeon work done, too much rest the past few days...

Heres some random unfinished alien. I was working on my Imagine FX article and I decided halfway through that I wanted to start over. So heres my self rejected alien dude.

Metal! Realm - Eleanor Rigby