Thursday, March 31, 2011

Very Limited Run of Prints for TMNT series!

Hey everybody! Although I'm not done with my TMNT series yet I am taking orders on prints for the ones I've finished.

Theres only gonna be 25 18x24 inch museum grade canson signed and numbered prints available of each character @$35 each plus shipping. Please include your shipping address so I can figure cost

So if you're interested in picking one up please contact me here -

Also have to mention that this is Pre-Order right now as I'm waiting on the current shipment to arrive. But after all 25 slots/per character fill up I can't do anymore because unfortunately they're not my characters :(. I've informed everyone who ordered of this before accepting payment in case that caused a problem. 

April & Shredder are SOLD OUT

I'll be including sketches of the characters for the first 10 sold from each set :).

Here are the prints currently available -


Anonymous said...

They are great, Dave! Well done!

Steve Prescott said...

These are sublime.

Chris Reeve said...


Griesbaum said...

I want to share these with everyone I know... First Magic the gathering now the Ninja Turtles you sir are my Hero

Mikey said...

Wow These are awesome, are any of these still available?