Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Series 2 TMNT Prints Available for Pre-Order!

Hey everybody! Just wanted to let you all know that the next set of TMNT prints are now available for pre-order!

All Prints are Signed, 18x24" on Museum Grade Canson paper.

This is a Very Limited Edition Run. Only 25 of each image will be printed.

Please include all of the following with your emails - Don't mean to be harsh but I wont be chasing people for the info, it just takes too much time. 

-Print(s) you'd like

-Full Mailing Address

Email  - to place your order

All prints are $40 + $8 shipping within United States. Add $1 to shipping for each additional print. Please ask for international shipping rates. I've upped the price by $5 to factor in the time it takes me to pack everything and supply costs.

Didn't realize how long it took and how expensive it was to do everything last time around haha. Lots more work than I initially thought.

Anyways, here are the prints available for series 2!


Unknown said...

Awesome stuff, man.

dave said...

Wingnut AND screwlose? Bosa nova!

A.M.P. said...

Awesome, that cool, congratulations on the art you have!

Unknown said...

Stellar job man. Baxter is epic!

Attlantic said...

Do you have Kevin Eastman's permission to sell prints of TMNT?

Your artwork is stunning btw.

Unknown said...

are you selling them already...particulary MetalHead