Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Michelangelo of TMNT!

Hey everybody! Been way too long. I've been really focused on client work over the past month but I've managed to finish Mikey. Took me way too long but I'm sure Raph will go by super quick. I've been waiting through the whole series to do my Raph interpretation so I'm glad its finally happening!

I'll try and get the process up for this and Donatello in the next couple days.

Also! I still have some Prints left from Series 2... These are people who backed out of orders.

Click HERE for purchase info!

Heres whats left of each -

3 Slash
8 Wingnut
2 Foot Clan
1 Baxter
2 Casey Jones



Jason said...

truly delicious.

horrormaniac15 said...

No love for Casey, Wingnut, and Slash? Fucking crazy.

tg said...


tg said...

o i remember, there is the rat king in this game but tou cant play him

Diego Rossetti said...

BEautifull work!